Thursday, April 29, 2010

trem one pi

Nat and Kelly
cool just and very amazing. aidan,thomas
well done harry we thought your pi i was very intrersting we also think that you have got a very good ame and very far distance Sophie,Sara
Cool P.I Harry! We liked your booklet. Also we liked that video Corbin, Caleb
Awesome job Harry we loved the sling shot but next time try to speak a bit more clearly Maddy, Zia & Luce
Well done! We really liked the movie of that guy with the sling shot! Your P.I was awesome Kate and Libby
Emma & Hannah
nice PI harry you put lots of personallty and humor so congrats harry mike and caelum
Britt, Alana and Linda
you did very well because you brang the sling shots in well done harry Hadley Alan
great pi harry i think it was awsume natalya

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Homefun total for term 1

My score was 70% i need to complete my homework all the time. Show more responsibility.