Tuesday, October 19, 2010

term 4 pi


  1. interesting pi harry liked your topic, you spoke clearly you didn't go up to 2010.

    Chaz, Ollie, Aidan

  2. WOW! Cool P.I Harry! I thought that the speaking was very good and you thought of a very good topic.
    But next time you could not read the things of the power point.

  3. good job harry
    you had lots of info about the music players and you said the words where in your own words.
    next time look at the audience not the book.

    Grace and Luce :)

  4. Cool PI Harry! It was very interesting to listen to and we learnt a lot.
    You could have worked on having some interaction with the audience and practiced your words.
    Other than that it was great!

    By Zia and Madi

  5. Well done Harry! I liked what you chose for your topic. I have a MP3 and It's way different to what they used to. You needed to learn your words a bit better and look at the audience a bit more though. Other than that, Well done!

    Hannah :-)

  6. it was very interesting that you did it on radios in the past years
    but maybe next time know the words a bit better

  7. That was a good PI Harry! we liked it how you put it in your own words.But next time you could be more inforzastik.

    kellyand nat

  8. Emma- well done Harrison!
    what you did well - you added lots of pics
    what I learnt - that the apple ipod was invented in 2001.
    what you could do better next time- add a bit of humor.
    Alana- What you did well - you spoke loud
    Next time - have a little humar
    WHat I learnt - That the old radios are ugly!

  9. that was good I liked the pictures that was intro how long it took to make a ipod

  10. Interesting PI Harry, You spoke clear and loud
    but next time you could take the words off the power point and just have the pictures and read the words off the book.
    Egg, Corbin and Britt

  11. Cool pi We think you did well you spoke clearly and you need to work on
    Your words cause you did not know what they meant.
    Alan and Hadley